My name is Daisy Mojave Holland, and I’m a London based illustrator, currently studying Illustration with Animation in Manchester.

Illustrator for ‘Out of the Box’ cards – https://outofthebox.cards/

Available for commissions.

Work available as Prints.




Illustrator of ‘Out of the Box Cards’ – Creating intelligent and playful cards for girls that expand their horizons. Cards worth keeping.


https://twitter.com/Outtheboxcards  https://www.instagram.com/outoftheboxcards/

‘You’re too pretty to bite your nails’


Biting, nibbling, chewing my nails

navigating .jpg

Attempting to navigate…

Faith restored in humanity

Faith restored in Humanity. 01/10/18


Daisy from sketchbook


Being human A2 poster

Brain whirring after a long day at work.


Daisy Cake Illo full image.jpg

A homage to day old birthday cake.


A birthday Hedgehog for Rick

‘In 1831 a young Italian boy called Carlo was captured by criminals John Bishop and Thomas Williams and murdered in the night. They took his body to the gate of Kings College Hospital and sold it to be dissected for science. When inspected, The Doctor immediately noticed the his body was too fresh, and the effort to identify the truth behind the boy’s death began..’

Narration by: Susie Holland. Music by: Rick Leigh


When a stranger smashed your bedroom window with a shovel, breaks in and steals your laptop – Recalibrate…


BBC Radio 4 commission for #GrownUpLand, the new podcast from the makes of The Guilty Feminist. Featuring Mae Martin, Bisha K Ali, Ned Sedgwick and Steve Ali: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05z2bq5





BBC 6 Music commission – Illustrations of presenters Nemone and Steve Lamacq


Latest commission for Saskia from her best friend Radheka. It celebrates the life and memory os Saskia’s gorgeous mum Jane.


BBC Radio 4 Podcast ‘The Adoption’ illustration on page 28 of The Guardian G2


Latest BBC Radio 4 job for ‘The Adoption’



Gif made in response to the set of ‘Outcast’


Happy Engagement to the Lovely Grace and Harry!








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‘THERE’S NOT LONG LEFT! REGISTER NOW AND WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Especially us youngins, we have more power together than you think!’


Saffiyah Khan smiling in the face of adversity.


‘Together’ was made on 09/11/16 following the US election.

‘Felt very powerless when i woke up today. So I spent the morning trying to create a piece of artwork that celebrated the wonderful people in our World who have been discarded and discriminated against under Trump. We should stand together x’


Shes got your lips!

Entry for ‘Just for Laughs’ Visual Arts Contest in Montreal – Theme: Satire